At Ahmedabad University:

  • Science, Technology and the Making of the Modern World
  • Industrialisation: Perspectives from World History
  • Scenes from the History of Science: Communicating Scientific Ideas through Comics [with Anupam Arunachalam]
  • Ahmedabad as a Gateway to the World (co-taught)
  • Social Transformations of India

At IIM Kozhikode:

  • Industrialisation: Perspectives from World History
  • Origins and Character of Multinational Corporations (co-taught)
  • Social Transformation in India
  • Evolution of Indian Business (introductory workshop)
  • Business Environment in India (co-taught)

At IIM Trichy and IIM Trichy, Chennai Centre:

Guest lectures delivered as part of Prof. Saumen Majumdar’s course, ‘Indian Economy and Policy’.

At IIM Calcutta:

Conducted two sessions on business history research as part of the Doctoral Summer School, IIM Calcutta, April 2019.